Student volunteers participate in the Rapid Research component
This component is targeted at light research needs of our community partners. They often source ‘good practice’ to address specific challenges. One current team is looking at insulating a container used as soup kitchen; another is assessing needs...
All IS Honours students at UCT are required to engage in community service
This engagement allows them to gain some practical real-world experience and let the community benefit from their IS skills.The Knowledge Co-op facilitates the process of connecting these students with appropriate community partners where they may...
Students dedicate their thesis to help the community
Students are offered the opportunity to dedicate their thesis to helping a community partner understand/solve a particular area of concern. Such projects follow the academic schedule. The projects range from early childhood development to the...



For many years, staff and students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have worked in partnership with communities to address development challenges.

The UCT Knowledge Co-op builds on this tradition of social responsiveness – and aims to make it easier for community partners to access UCT’s skills, resources and professional expertise. The Knowledge Co-op helps initiate joint projects that benefit both the community and the university. It links community groups with appropriately qualified staff and students at UCT, and it supports both partners throughout the project – from initial planning to final product.

Current projects include:

  • A student investigating how best to help patients adhere to HIV treatment;
  • Students setting up websites and blogs for community groups;
  • Staff advising a municipal department on changing its library into a modern electronic knowledge management centre; and
  • Students and staff helping to evaluate an NGO programme that uses radio to empower children.

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