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Keep the Dream Career Guide Book
“We have developed a great partnership with the Co-op, which has assisted KTD to develop a career guide book which gets distributed in marginalised schools. Another student developed an app to access the guide on mobile phones.” Nikelwa Bvumbi
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Business luncheon
On the 6th June 2016 the Development and Alumni Department in association with the UCT Knowledge Co-Op, held a business luncheon at the Protea Hotel in Mowbray.The luncheon, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price, and attended by representatives...
Students dedicate their thesis to help the community
Students can use their thesis to help a community partner understand or solve a particular area of concern. Such projects follow the academic schedule. The projects range from early childhood development to documenting successful food gardeners.
IS Honours students engage in community service
This allows them to gain real-world experience and let the community benefit from their Information Systems skills. The Co-op connects students with community partners where they design an app or teach their staff/members useful IT skills.
Student volunteers participate in the Rapid Research component
This component addresses light research needs of community partners. They often source ‘good practice’ to address specific challenges, e.g. Insulating a container used as soup kitchen or involving fathers in childcare workshops.


Welcome to the Knowledge Co-Op website

For many years, staff and students at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have worked in partnership with communities to address development challenges.

The UCT Knowledge Co-op builds on this tradition of social responsiveness – and aims to make it easier for community partners to access UCT’s skills, resources and professional expertise. It works by matching community groups with academic partners in a collaboration that meets the needs for research or practical support identified by the community group. The partners jointly reformulate the questions into manageable student projects. In the case of research projects, these are mostly taken up by students as projects that are conducted under the supervision of a senior academic for their dissertations. Projects address a wide range of need: from ICT support to early childhood development, prisoner rehabilitation, and sustainable community gardens.

Current projects include:

  • A student investigating hate crimes against young members of the LGBTI community;
  • Students setting up Website and blogs for community groups;
  • A student and academic developing technology to support graduates of a job readiness programme; and
  • A student helping to evaluate beekeeping training as a means to generate income.
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      Wamkelekile kwikhasi leKnowledge Co-op 

Kuyiminyaka inkcuba buchopo nabafundi beYunivesithi yaseKapa (UCT) besebenzisana nabahlali ngemingeni echaphazela uphuhliso.

i-Knowledge Co-op yakhela phezu kwalontsebenziswano – kwaye injongo ikukwenza kubelula kubahlali ukufikelela kwizakhono, kuvimba nakubungcaphephe baleYunivesithi.  i-Knowledge Co-op ithi incede ekuqaleni indibaniselwano yeeProjekthi ezithi zibeluncedo kubahlali nakwiYunivesithi.  Amaqela asekuhlaleni aye angqanyaniswe nenkcuba buchopho kwanabafundi abafanele ezo Projekthi eUCT, kwaye baxhase bonke abathath’ inxaxheba - ukususela ekusekweni kweProjekthi de kubekho isiphumo.

Okwangoku nazi iiProjekthi eziquka abafundi:

  • khetha iindlela zokunceda, enokuthi idibanise abafundi abasuka kwiintlanga namasiko ahlukileyo esikolweni;
  • yakha iiWebsite zamaqela asekuhlaleni okanye uqeqeshe abasebenzi kwizakhono zobugcisa nobuchwephetsha;
  • velisa umzekelo woshishino kwabo bafuna uqeqesho kwezozakhono; 
  • fumanisa ukuba yintoni onokuyenza efunwa ngabatsha enokuthi ibeluncedo ekufumaneni ingqesho.