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FAQ - Community Groups


1) Can we get funding through the UCT Knowledge Co-op?
The Co-op is not a funding agency, but we do make staff and student time available to under-resourced community projects.

2) How long will it take to find a student once a project idea is submitted?
The Co-op will advertise the project ideas to students and academics, but there is no guarantee that we will find someone to take on your project. Every six months we will report back to you on any progress.

3) When is the best time to send in project ideas?
Ideas can be submitted at any time. Most students start thinking about research topics at the start of the year, so the best time to submit a project is in October or November.

4) Is it just for NGOs or can small businesses get involved too?
The Knowledge Co-op assists NGOs, CBOs, local government and SMMEs - or any community group who could benefit from research but are unable to pay for it.

5) Is it possible to access the research produced in previous projects?
We aim to make the results of all Co-op projects available on our website in the course of 2012. See CURRENT PROJECTS.