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Knowledge Co-op Staff


Barbara Schmid

Knowledge Co-op: Project Manager

Barbara Schmid was appointed in August 2010 as project manager
for the
UCT Knowledge Co-op. Her previous work experience includes
spells as lecturer/research
co-ordinator at UCT, teaching Mathematics 
and Physical Science at high school, and running a community centre.

Barbara manages the projects that the UCT Knowledge Co-op has
and oversees the Co-op process.


Knowledge Co-op: Consultant Web and Social Media Strategist

Mpho Phoba was the 2015 intern within the Institutional Planning Department (IPD),
where the Knowledge Co-Op is based.
He completed his B.Sc and has experience in administration
of residential services from the University of Western Cape (
UWC) under the office
of the
DVC’s Student Development and Support (SDS) department. 
Mpho is responsible for providing strategy on the knowledge co-op's web and social media developments.

UCT Knowledge Co-op Steering Committee

The Steering committee comprises of two Deputy Vice-Chancellors who co-chair the committee, i.e. Prof Danie Visser and Prof Crain Soudien. Further members are Mr Piet Barnard, Dr Charles Masango (RCIPS), A/Prof Laura Czerniewicz (CILT), Dr Janice McMillan (CHED), Ms Judy Favish and Mr Sonwabo Ngcelwane of the IPD, and faculty representatives Dr Adelene Africa, Dr Francois Bonnici, Dr Beatrice Conradie, Samuel Ginsberg, James Irlam and Alistair Price.​

NRF Study Team for Knowledge Co-op Pilot from 2010-2013

An interdisciplinary team, led by principal investigator Janice McMillan (CHED) and Evaluation expert Suki Goodman (Organisational Psychology), received a 3-year grant from the National Research Foundation (NRF) to evaluate the UCT Knowledge Co-op and inform the development of guidelines and procedures. Other team members were drawn from the Steering committee and Dr Tanja Winkler.

During 2011 five pilot projects were selected as research sites and a comprehensive literature review was completed. During 2012 the collection of data from further project sites continued and analysis of data got underway; this was completed in 2013 and two reports were produced. A paper was presented at the Living Knowledge conference in Bonn during May 2012 and a poster at the GUNI conference, Barcelona, May 2013. All outputs are available on the Resource page.