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Current Projects


So far 516 project ideas have been submitted to the UCT Knowledge Co-op, since its start late in 2010.

A number of them have been matched to students or academics of which some are currently underway and 160 have already been Completed.

Listed below are projects that are currently underway.

Project Name
Project Description 


#38. Participatory evaluation



Participatory evaluation of CRC to assess its impact
Submitted by: Children's Resource Centre
UCT partners: Public Law - Prof Hugh Corder & Jessica Burn 
#116. Early Literacy Development


Impact of literacy and language development in Grade R classrooms
Submitted by: Wordworks
UCT partners: Division of Communication - Sciences & Disorders – A/Professor Harsha Kathard, Maaliyah Orrie & Prianka Parus
#163. Substance abuse rehab


Document and assess an out-patient substance abuse rehabilitation programme. Describe the approach and programme followed and assess the impact of the programme on its beneficiaries and the community.

 Submitted by: Living Hope
UCT partners: Public Health – A/Prof Chris Colvin, Portia Klaas  


#192. IT training 



IT training of visually disabled beneficiaries using zoom text software.

Submitted by: WC Albinism & Hypo-pigment Foundation
 UCT partners: Information Systems - T Mpofu & G Wamae
#265. Social benefits of gardening


Research the impact that (food) gardening has on the mental well-being of people and the contribution it makes towards Social Cohesion. 
Submitted by: SEED
UCT partners: Environmental & Geographical Sciences – Dr Shari Daya and Lanielle Hartzenberg


#266.2. Computer Training for staff members



Basic computer literacy skills for staff members - MS suite and internet.

Submitted by: Yabonga
 UCT partners: Information Systems -  I Solomon, D Achilles, K Katsidira, N Vilakazi, R Moyanga.


#269.4. Computer Literacy Training



Basic computer literacy skills - MS suite and internet for Matric Learners

Submitted by: Schools Improvement Initiative
UCT partners: Information Systems - S Simelane, I Mjada, M Ntuli, S Tolom.


#336.3. Tutor & support coding programme



Tutor at coding classes on Saturdays, and assist with coding-related projects

 Submitted by: Code4CT / Codespace
 UCT partners: Information Systems - K Premlall, W Mazvidza, K Pennington, L Lukusa, A Mayet


#364 Training for behaviour change



Randomised control longitudinal study to measure impact of training programme & sustainability of behaviour change of teenage parents.
Submitted by: The Parent Centre
UCT partners: Organisational Psychology- Dr Chao Mulenga and Sandra Kokera
#371. Effectiveness of tutoring for learners


Evaluate the effectiveness and/or impact of a non-profit tutoring programme for high school learners in Phillipi, considering significant factors.
Submitted by: SAEP
UCT partners: Organisational Psychology - Dr Chao Mulenga, Erwin Miyoba
#376. Law enforcement across levels of governance


Investigate the relationships between entities involved with upholding the law: building community resilience to crime; community perceptions on what works for effective lobbying for safety; legal frameworks required for that.
Submitted by: Councillor, Ward 64
UCT partners: Safety and Violence Initiative/Criminology - Mr Guy Lamb, Oliver Ndou
# 381. Services for homeless


Needs assessment: Are the services MES provides for homeless persons in the different areas in the Northern suburbs appropriate to the needs of the target population.

Submitted by: MES

UCT partners: Social Development Dr Khosi Kubeka & Mapendo Jolie Mauridi
#392. Determinants for community development


Identify determinants (success factors) for a successful sustainable community development strategy in a local context
Submitted by: Habitat for Humanity
UCT partners: Mechanical Engineering- Dr Corinne Shaw, John Onyeagoziri
#404. Is prostitution work?


Is prostitution regarded as 'work' by those selling sex? What are the reasons for their position? To inform advocacy.

Submitted by: Embrace Dignity

 UCT partners: Sociology- Ms Bianca Tame & Colleen Gwazani

#408.2. Spreadsheet formulation


One-on-one Excel skills training for staff.

Submitted by: NOAH

 UCT partners: Information Systems - Sasha Chiketsani

#431. M&E of Youth Employment Programme


Develop a framework/tools for M&E to assess the impact of a programme using volunteering to prepare youth for jobs.
Submitted by: Action Volunteers for Africa
UCT Partners: Organisational Psychology - A/Prof Sarah Chapman & Thomas Guattari-Stafford


#432. Employment programme benefits



Evaluate the benefits of an employability programme from the view of the homeless beneficiaries. What works and what not?
Submitted by: Khulisa
UCT Partners: Sociology – Bianca Tame and Chadley Bissolati


#438. Policy for participation



Research to support Community-driven policy initiatives for participation at local government level:  map out how participation is structured in different sectors; identify cases of bad and good practice. Desktop review & interviews.

Submitted by: Citizen Action for Public Participation
UCT partners: Social Development - Dr Chance Chagunda, Dahlia Patsika


#438.1 Internship on public participation



Research to support Community-driven policy initiatives for participation at local government level:  map out good practice for participation
Submitted by: Development Action Group
UCT partners: Social Development – Dr Chance Chagunda and Dahlia Patsika


#443. Impact of school fynbos gardens on learner environmental attitudes



A study to understand the impact of school fynbos gardens on learners’ perceptions of nature and the environment.
Submitted by: GreenPop
UCT Partners: Organisational Psychology - A/Prof. Sarah Chapman and Nicole Burgmer
#458. Substance abuse and young people


A quantitative study of the prevalence of substance abuse (alcohol, dagga, tik) among children and young people (aged 8 - 18)in Ocean View Assess the need for teenage rehab.
Submitted by: Living Hope
UCT partners: Ms Sophia Allie, Micaela Tedder, Jadene du Preez, Fiona Gie, Jessica Clark, Jessica Holmes, Caitlin Stott, Thaakirah Ismail, Imrah Isaacs, Ashleigh Fagan, Stacey Jacobs, Brittany Watkins-Baker.
# 467. Enhancing mother-infant relationships in the first 1000 days


Conduct a study to measure the impact of a Home Visitation programme on mother-infant relationships within the first 1000 days

Submitted by: The Parent Centre

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology - Ms Adiilah Boodhoo, Sheridan-Lee Percival


#474. Changes in fynbos harvesting



Analyse how species utilization has changed for the harvesting of wild fynbos products between 2006 and 2015; use packshed invoice records.

Submitted by: Flower Valley Conservation Trust

UCT partners: Economics – Prof Beatrice Conradie, Matthew Fainman


#482 Impact of programme for climate resilience



Assess the impact of the SEEDing Futures programme in homes and neighbourhoods where it has been introduced. Monitor interventions; conduct M&E against baseline.
Submitted by: SEED
UCT Partner: Sociology: Natasha Vally and Haji Abdulla


#484. Mental health of cancer survivors 



Assessment of mental health outcomes of cancer survivors staying at CANSA care homes.

Submitted by: CANSA
UCT partners: Social Development - Dr Chance Chagunda, Danielle Mutseriwa


#509 Small Business Support



Identify the barriers to developing a small business in the informal township economy (Langa). What size of business is viable - and what profitability can be achieved?
Submitted by: Just Grace
UCT partner: Economics – A/Prof Andrew Kerr and Sihle Msweli


#512. Psycho-social support for learners


Assess the impact of psycho-social support rendered to at-risk learners by a youth support programme in Langa.
Submitted by: Just Grace
UCT partner: Psychology – Prof Cathy Ward, Honours class team


#517 Historical map of Observatory



Design a historical map of Observatory, based on info collected from partners.
Submitted by: OBSID
UCT partners: Architecture – Dr Tom Sanya and G Satchwell,  A Thomas, N Jackman, S Sandleni, C Jacobs, A Hendricks, I Van Der Schyff, Z Mahomed


#539. Literacy training
Assess the training for literacy mentors to support reading clubs in Western Cape
Submitted by: Nal’ibali Trust
UCT partner: Organisational Psychology - A/Prof Sarah Chapman & Masole Moerane


This table was updated in August 2019.