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Current Projects


So far 516 project ideas have been submitted to the UCT Knowledge Co-op, since its start late in 2010.

A number of them have been matched to students or academics of which some are currently underway and 160 have already been Completed.

Listed below are projects that are currently underway.

Project Name

Project Description

#163. Substance abuse rehab


Document and assess an out-patient substance abuse rehabilitation programme. Describe the approach and programme followed and assess the impact of the programme on its beneficiaries and the community.

Submitted by: Living Hope

UCT partners: Public Health – A/Prof Chris Colvin, Portia Klaas  

#192. IT training 

IT training of visually disabled beneficiaries using zoom text software.

Submitted by: WC Albinism & Hypo-pigment Foundation

UCT partners: Information Systems (HOCIP) - J Seymour, C de la Hunt

#281.4 Excel functionality


Assist with improving ability to draw reports from Excel sheets.

 Submitted by: Knowledge Co-op

UCT partners: Information Systems (HOCIP) – A Pandle

#364 Training for behaviour change



Randomised control longitudinal study to measure impact of training programme & sustainability of behaviour change of teenage parents.

Submitted by: The Parent Centre

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology- Dr Chao Mulenga and Sandra Kokera

# 381. Services for homeless


Needs assessment: Are the services MES provides for homeless persons in the different areas in the Northern suburbs appropriate to the needs of the target population.

Submitted by: MES

UCT partners: Social Development – Dr Khosi Kubeka & Mapendo Jolie Mauridi

#408.3 Spreadsheet formulation

Train staff in Excel skills for record keeping

Submitted by: NOAH

UCT partners: Information System (HOCIP) - M Gulamhussein, W Driver

#414.1 IT skills training


Teach basic IT skills and use of Salesforce to staff members.

Submitted by: Home from Home

UCT partners: Information System (HOCIP) - L Osorhean, B Schwartz, M Rutherford, E Tobias, S Iyer, S Singh

#438. Policy for participation


Research to support Community-driven policy initiatives for participation at local government level:  map out how participation is structured in different sectors; identify cases of bad and good practice. Desktop review & interviews.

Submitted by: Citizen Action for Public Participation

UCT partners: Social Development – Dr Chance Chagunda, Dahlia Patsika

#443. Impact of school fynbos gardens on learner environmental attitudes


A study to understand the impact of school fynbos gardens on learners’ perceptions of nature and the environment.

Submitted by: GreenPop

UCT Partners: Organisational Psychology - A/Prof. Sarah Chapman and Nicole Burgmer

# 467. Enhancing mother-infant relationships in the first 1000 days


Conduct a study to measure the impact of a Home Visitation programme on mother-infant relationships within the first 1000 days

Submitted by: The Parent Centre

UCT partners: Organisational Psychology - Ms Adiilah Boodhoo, Sheridan-Lee Percival

#470. Support for home-based ECD pre-schooling

Document the work and success of a programme supporting non-working parents in Delft to teach their pre-school children at home.

Submitted by: Sakha Isizwe

UCT partners: Social Development – Ms Lauren-Jayne van Niekerk, Benita Mukoni

#484. Mental health of cancer survivors 



Assessment of mental health outcomes of cancer survivors staying at CANSA care homes.

Submitted by: CANSA

UCT partners: Social Development - Ms Fatima Williams, Danielle Mutseriwa

# 501 Linkages between HTS and IPV

To what extent does the use of HIV testing or other services offered to abused women result in them experiencing (increased) domestic violence?

Submitted by: MOSAIC

UCT partners: English Language & Literature - Prof Imraan Coovadia & Kumbirayishe Chitenderu

#527. Factory farming and Avian flue


Explore the causal links between factory farming of poultry and Avian flu. Review international literature & apply it to SA.

Submitted by: SAFCEI

UCT partner: Sociology – Prof Frank Matose & Benjamin Hlere

# 546. Communication App


Develop an app/platform for easier communication of a non-profit with its beneficiaries.

Submitted by:  Just Grace

UCT partner: Information Systems – Mr Gwamaka Mwalemba with A Asmal, M Brough, W Gwebu, M Scott, M Mapoulo, M Ngcobo, S Panther, R Wakandigara

#547 Provide IT training              


Tutor in existing programme offering computer and/ coding courses with youth and/ adults.

Submitted by:  Just Grace

UCT partner: Information System (HOCIP) - J Theron, M Lees, K Bailey

# 559 Toilet for those living on the street

Describe and assess models for providing toilet access to people living on the street. What has to be in place for this to work?

Submitted by: Central City Improvement District

UCT partner: Information Systems – Mr Gwamaka Mwalemba with N Cariem, Z Jattiem, K Ngxabani, H Teixeira, M Diedericks, E Leech, P Puccini, R Walton

#562 HPV vaccination for boys


Build a case for HPV vaccination in boys in South Africa. Consider cost-effectiveness of including boys / feasibility and acceptability / health provider perspectives.

Submitted by:   CANSA

UCT partner: SALDRU - Mr Andrew Donaldson & Nuvika Pillay

# 568. Track success of jobseekers


Track employment outcomes for jobseekers from OfW: type, duration, role of OfW in success.

Submitted by:  Organising for Work

UCT partner: Information Systems – Mr Gwamaka Mwalemba with H Damon, Y Damon, M Mangena, K Ralefatane, Z Skosana, C Augustine, F Amra, Z Anthony, I Dhansay

# 571. Economics of job-seeking

Detail the cost of job-seeking to the unemployed (copy & print documents, travel, data, airtime, postage, clothing, grooming). Define elements of a humane employment process and its value to employers

Submitted by:  Organising for Work

UCT partner: Centre for Transport Studies – Prof Roger Behrens, Tracy Mutugi

# 593. Cost of holistic support for homeless


Determine the cost of a holistic approach to support homeless persons in the process of getting off the street permanently; compare this to the cost of doing nothing, and of alternatives (shelters).

Submitted by: Khulisa Social Services

UCT partner: School of economics – Mr Lindokuhle Njozela, Sofia Gouveia

# 598. Coding training



Provide coding training to high school learners

Submitted by: African Youth Ignited

UCT partner: Information System (HOCIP) - C Jones, S Maharaj

This table was updated in June 2020.